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DoyenGC - ApON

IT Security Services & Consulting Company

Our Mission Statement – Help partners secure their infrastructure and environment so they can deliver their products and services without compromising efficiency • Team of Certified experts who have Industry awards, accolades and recognition • Provide Innovative Solutions to challenges • Maintain global applicable standards • We believe in educating our partners during the process to enhance internal core capabilities • 25% revenue redirected to Center of Excellence and R&D


Aligning IT & Security with Business Objectives

Digital wave is seen everywhere.  Digital Business , Digital Economy, Block Chain, IoT, Deep Learning, AI, Analytics, trying to make Business more intelligent with the help of intelligently integrated processes encompassing larger business view that is more than reach of  any conventional ERP  are buzz words  or an ambition today.

We align our product creation and service offerings with changing times and changing customer's perspectives.  But Importance of aligning IT Strategy and  Blending IT security Strategy with Business in every Business Decisions and every IT actions  only forward looking companies do else everything is rework at a later stage.

Move a Digital step forward then assess security aspects within, mitigate and know acceptable levels, and then again move a step forward and ensure security aspects in cyclic manner  has become mandatory else our business becomes a game of Snake and Ladder. 

IT-Security  has never been one time Job.  Engage DoyenGC-ApON in your journey as a companion and boldly take a leap forward in your Digital Initiatives. 

We specialize in resolving complex business problems, utilizing unique IT solutions.  DoyenGC-ApON’s experts have years of industry experience delivering solutions to the toughest industry problems helping businesses move forward.

Security Strategy and Compliance

At DoyenGC-ApON, Security Strategy and compliance is our key practice area. Working with key stakeholders we assess current environment and provide short & long term strategy and roadmap. We conduct Security & Privacy assessments. We then provide solutions to vulnerabilities discovered and/or provide mitigating controls if no direct solution is available. We also employ ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities.

Our consultants also help provide Security Infrastructure support

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